Welcome to i-Tree Canopy! v7.1

Estimate tree cover and tree benefits for a given area with a random sampling process that lets you easily classify ground cover types.

  • Select from existing geographic boundaries, draw your own project area boundaries onto Google Maps, or load an ESRI shapefile.
  • You can use multiple, non-overlapping boundaries at the same time.
  • i-Tree Canopy randomly generates sample points and zooms to each one so you can choose from your pre-defined list of cover types for that spot.
  • With i-Tree Canopy, you review Google Maps aerial photography at random points to conduct a cover assessment within a defined project area.
  • 500-1000 survey points are suggested; the more points you complete, the better your cover estimate for your study area.
  • If estimating tree cover, tree benefits can also be estimated.
  • Learn how i-Tree Canopy works.
  • Video Learning Resources

i-Tree and its partners do no endorse any specific web-browser, but i-Tree Canopy has been tested to work well with modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Please use the Feedback form to report issues.

Warning: i-Tree Canopy can be very data intensive. It is not recommended for use on metered plans that charge based on the amount loaded.

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