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  • With i-Tree Canopy, you review Google Maps aerial photography at random points to conduct a cover assessment within a defined project area.
  • You draw your project area boundaries right onto Google Maps or you load an ESRI polygon shapefile in latitude / longitude coordinates.
  • i-Tree Canopy randomly generates sample points and zooms to each one so you can choose from your pre-defined list of cover types for that spot.
  • 500-1000 survey points are suggested; the more points you complete, the better your cover estimate for your study area.
  • If estimating tree cover, tree benefits can also be estimated.
  • Recommended web browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Learn how i-Tree Canopy works.

i-Tree Canopyv6.1

Estimate tree cover and tree benefits for a given area with a random sampling process that lets you easily classify ground cover types.

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The file must be in ESRI Shapefile format and in lat/long coordinates and less than 2MB in size.
To add or adjust tree benefit estimates to your project, go to the report page and click Benefit Options right above the Tree Benefit Estimates table.