Release Notes

Version 7.1

  • Add the United Kindom and Sweden to the list of available countries.
  • Add United Kingdom Councils to list of available boundaries.
  • Add option to use benefits from selected locations on Regional Settings page.
  • Add colorized markers for survey points based on user classification.
  • Add a scrolling marquee to the survey page to display the statistics.
  • Fix processing of shapefiles to allow larger boundaries to be processed.
  • Fix sizing of chart on survey and report page to use all available space.
  • Fix merging of benefit rates and values when multiple locations are selected.
  • Add file upload progress to shapefiles.
  • Add release notes page.
  • Fixed editing/updating of carbon values and rates.
  • Fixed editing/updating of hydro benefits.
  • Allow updating cover classes after the survey has begun.
  • Fix saving of manually entered carbon values.

Version 7.0

  • Fix reporting of Carbon and Carbon Dioxide rates and values on report.
  • Disable Google translation of pollutant and cover class abbreviations.
  • Add the ability to select predefined US boundaries.
  • Add hydrology benefits to report page and regional settings.
  • Redesigned interface to support mobile and tablet devices.